About Us

Surefield Seeds International is a Canadian exporting company bringing Canadian pulses to our clients overseas. The products we export are 100% Canadian, produced in Western Canada and are used for human edible consumption throughout the world.

We work actively with the most experienced processors to provide the best quality care to our clients in terms of product quality, shipment handling, customer satisfaction and competitive price.Fotolia_45231670_M

We export the quality required by our customers of all kind of special crops, our team speaks different languages such as English, French and Arabic to understand clients need, and pay personal attention for every shipment. We manage to take care of your specific requirements and all necessary export documentation.

Our business is built on five values: Trust, honesty, responsibility, accountability and transparency in any transaction we handle.

Based on these values we commit to deliver Canadian pulses to our buyers on time. We monitor shipments from start to finish with the knowledge and expertise of international trade exporting. Our experience in logistics enables us to export small and large shipments from processing, documentation, to ensuring quality and shipping to overseas on time.